New York City, Off Broadway

The Triad Theater on the Upper West Side

Mindy is fascinating. All she has to do is get up and talk. She muses on entering this new "senior club" and enlightens us on the benefits (and discounts!). Fradkin aka Princess Wow gives a fresh perspective on aging and how we truly are "ageless wonders." She speaks directly to the audience, takes you by the hand, and you gladly go.

 "We all worry about getting older, but Mindy's show takes away the fear. She tells her personal story with wonderful graphics and costumes. The show is authentic, heartfelt and funny." Jane Applegate, film producer/talent manager,        

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A woman of many hats, Mindy Fradkin aka Princess Wow, is a writer, deadpan performance artist, singer and hatter. This one woman show is interactive, animated storytelling replete with musical interludes, videos and pictures.  BEST SELLER AND BEST COSTUME DESIGN ON THEATRE ROW'S UNITED SOLO FESTIVAL IN 2018.


$20 plus 2 drink minimum

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