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the smile revolution


. A smile is a revolutionary act because something has to change drastically to smile. To get to something better, we have to overthrow something that is worn out, or holding us back. We have to change the way we think about something to turn a frown into a smile.
A smile revolution demands us to look for something that at first might not seem to be there, be grateful for, and build on it. A smile says, “I see the good.” Nothing to keep us from starting right now. Thanks to this site for nudging us in the right direction! Look forward to hearing more stories about smile victories!”
Melodie Lewis, architect
She wrote this in 2006 when I launched this blog. I just found this piece of paper. 


“Just be emphatic and smile…that’s all you have to do.”
Corrie C. Lazar

Corrie’s words; Corrie’s motto; lived everyday of her 21 years on earth.
Killed by a drunken driver: January 27, 2009


 Smile a while and while you smile, another smiles- and soon there’s miles and miles of smiles
and life’s worthwhile because you smiled.